Farm surveys. With the rising price of agricultural land, the cost of a survey is only a minute portion of the farms worth. We have found that often the taxed acreage from an old deed can vary as much as several acres from the true measured acreage. Contact us today to find out more before you sell or purchase a farm “by the acre”.

Lot surveys. Knowledge is power. Before you construct any improvements upon your property, prior to constructing fences, and prior to purchasing real estate; our company will mark the boundaries of the property and disclose any issues with title, encroachments, etc.

New “Cut out” parcels. Our company specializes in assisting the client with new parcels which are “cut out” of larger tracts. This division may transfer a parcel for new construction, carving out an existing home, or shifting lot line between two owners. We meet with the client to understand his or her intent, thoroughly explain any issues that may arise, and work with any governmental agencies that may have any authority concerning the land division.

Subdivisions. Wether your project divides just a few lots or if it creates hundreds of new building sites, we have the expertise to assist you with your goals. We will look at cost effectiveness of designs, and work with the client to obtain the best subdivision for you upon the real estate.

Our company has performed ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys on projects ranging from restaurants in the City of Evansville to medical clinics in Pike County. We work diligently with the title company, lendors, attorneys, and owners to uncover any easement, encroachment, or title issue which effects the real estate transfer.

- Site Plans
- Erosion Control Plans
- Sanitary Sewer Design
The design services of our company is based on over 15 years of experience. When planning for your project and deciding a need for grade work, sewer designs, and a storm water pollution prevention plan, contact us at no obligation. We work with the client to serve the specific needs of each project.

Topographic Surveys. Our company is not affiliated with any specific engineering or architectural firm. We work independently to meet the needs of our clients to provide accurate, manageable topographic surveys. Our finished topographic survey is professional, specific, and catered directly towards the clients request.

Construction Staking. Kissel Land Surveying, LLC has performed surveys to stake the location of hundreds of concrete pilings, foundations, and anchor bolts on commercial steel buildings. We have staked roadways, lakes, and retention basins just to name a few.
Accuracy is our standard. The precision of our construction staking has been relied upon by contractors in Southwestern Indiana since the inception of our company.

Professional Map Making
As-Built Surveys
Surveyor Location Reports (a.k.a. Mortgage Surveys)
Elevation Certificates
Classified Forest
Wetlands Reserve Program
Mineral surveys / Well Staking
Land Records Research
3-D rendering